Bathroom Side Table

This bathroom side table was added to this recently renovated bathroom. While the bathroom remodel was nice, there was a crucial lack of furniture next to bathtub and toilet to store toiletries, display decorative items, or just place a book. The design that was imagined and built fit the design of the bathroom, is durable […]

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Cypress Mudroom and Bench

This small built-in, filled an odd nook at the door to the garage in this house in Annapolis. The nook was truly just left over dead space that was only good for storing shoes. To make the space functional, the design gave this family-of-five cubbies, coat hooks, and storage for larger bags. To give the […]

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Cherry Home Office Furniture

The pandemic forced many people to work from home. This homeowner outside DC needed to convert their small study into a functional law office. A small desk was commissioned to replace a flimsy folding table and two matching, deep-set bookshelves were added to organize the case binders stacking up on the floor. The pieces are […]

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Breakfast Nook Furniture

These four furniture pieces were designed to be both seating, storage and to match an existing kitchen table for a military family stationed at Fort Meade. The four pieces include two benches with lift-up bench seat storage, a corner seat, and a small cabinet with drawers. The materials are solid and veneer white oak and […]

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Oak Sideboard for Records

This slim, stand-alone record storage cabinet provides storage, display and class to this Victorian home in Baltimore. We worked with the space to fill a narrow spot in the living room. The design is both modern and classic as the form displays and shows off the records but also the deep tones of the red […]

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