Local Woodworking, Distinct Design

Greetings! This is Pete Sherratt, owner of Graphite Woodworking + Design a new custom woodworking and furniture design shop located in the Hampden/Remington area of Baltimore, Maryland. I’ve opened the shop for business and invite you to contact me for your custom woodworking projects and ideas. I offer a range of woodworking services: from small […]

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Floating Kitchen Shelves

Solid reclaimed pine shelves line this kitchen just up the alley from Graphite Woodworking’s shop in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore. The pine joist came from a gut renovation nearby, so these shelves were as locally sourced and recycled as it gets. The shelves were given a pickling whitewash treatment to retain the wood grain […]

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Cherry Interior Screens

These interior privacy shutters were designed and built for a client in an old neighborhood in Washington DC. The window looks out into an alley and provides most of the light for the dinning room. Because of this, shoji paper was incorporated to give the shutters a translucent quality. The design took inspiration from Frank […]

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Retail Chandelier

A local game store, No Land Beyond, opened a new location, complete with a gaming space and bar. The gaming space needed a suspended chandelier in the design of a twenty sided die. This chandelier was constructed out of Baltic birch plywood and was suspended from the ceiling. Graphite Woodworking collaborated with the store owners […]

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Cherry Bar Stools

These five bar stool bases were designed and built for seats from stools that were too low for this basement bar. The bases were constructed out of solid cherry and were stained a deep reddish black. Making sure the seats would last a lifetime, the design was improved so that the added height could take […]

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Walnut Conference Room Table

This conference room table was designed and built for a new office buildout. The table was constructed out of solid and veneer walnut, with a simple steel frame and tapered edge detail which gives the table a feeling of floating in the small space. The interior design of the space was minimalist so the warmth […]

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