Local Woodworking, Distinct Design


This is Pete Sherratt, owner of Graphite Woodworking + Design a custom woodworking and furniture design shop located in the Hampden/Remington area of Baltimore, Maryland. I invite you to contact me for your custom woodworking projects and ideas.

I offer a range of woodworking services: from small furniture projects such as book shelves and coffee tables; to built-in architectural woodworking projects like bathroom, kitchen and closet organization; to restaurant and commercial projects, like table tops and millwork. Graphite Woodworking + Design provides quality contemporary design for any budget. My background is both in woodworking and architecture, so I can provide a full suite of design services including interior design assistance, drawings, specs, mock-ups and more. Graphite Woodworking is also a company that’s dedicated to the environment, using locally-sourced reclaimed/recycled wood from right here in Baltimore and sustainably-harvested wood (FCS certified) whenever it is available in the Baltimore region. But don’t worry, I have you covered no matter the species of wood!

Pete Sherratt, Owner

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