New Cabinets for a Very Old House

The clients of this project are young owners of a very old, historic house near the shop. With such a small house, a young child, two small dogs and a cat, storage is at a premium. These cabinets and shelves flanking the hearth provide that storage and organization.

The details of the design were a bit of a challenge. While it was simple to come up with the concept, a lot of back and forth ensued to try to get the right balance of historic nods while keeping the design contemporary and minimal. Just because the house is old doesn’t mean the new things have to look old as well. The clients were ultimately very happy with the results: built-ins that do not try and compete with the historic character of the house.

Solid poplar, birch plywood, lacquer, cabinet hardware, oiled bronze shelf brackets. Baltimore, Maryland. April 2022.

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